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Chapter 2, Part 2

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On her drive home, Mykell couldn’t stop smiling. She had just accomplished one of her major goals in life. She felt like she was on her way to stardom and fame. She reached down into her purse and grabbed her phone. Flipping it open, she scrolled down to her mom’s programmed number and hit the send button. The phone rang twice before a soft voice answered.


“Hey, ma, was you sleeping?”

“Yeah, I was Mykell. Why are you calling me so late?”

“Ma, its not late. I got some great news!”

“This great news couldn’t wait til tomorrow? You know I got to get up early. People do work, chile.”

“Dang, ma, I wanted to share my joy with you. I got a modeling contract!”

“That’s good, baby, but remember that I didn’t send you down there to be smiling and taking pictures.”

“Ma, this is a good thing. I’m still going to go to school.”

“Just remember that pictures don’t pay bills. I’ll call you tomorrow and we can talk about this more. Goodnight.”

“Bye, ma,” Mykell said slamming the phone shut and throwing it into the passenger seat.

Mykell was dreading the conversation that she would have with her mother the following day. She had changed her major at the beginning of the summer from business administration to theatre and neglected to inform her mom. Flashbacks of the horribly, boring coursework of business ran through her head. The only good thing that came from being a business major was meeting Lelani. She had encouraged Mykell to pursue her own interests.

Mykell decided that she would swing by Lelani’s to at least try to share her joy with someone who cared. She pulled up in front of Lelani’s dorm a few minutes later. She examined the parking lot for Lelani’s car but didn’t see it anywhere. Instead of just driving off, Mykell decided to park and walk upstairs, in hopes of Lelani being home anyway.

As she entered the lounge, she saw a few people still up studying and a few more having a conversation in the corner table. She walked upstairs to the 4th floor and knocked on Lelani’s door. She got no answer. Disappointed, she began her trek back downstairs. On the stairwell she bumped into Lelani.

“Hey, I was looking for you. I didn’t see your car, but I came inside anyway,” Mykell spoke softly.

“Yeah, just got in from the gym. You look upset, what’s wrong?” Lelani asked her friend seeing the look on her face.

“Well, I had some good news, but then I called ma and it all went to hell,” Mykell said with a bit of remorse.

“What happened, girly? What’s the good news?”

“I got a modeling contract.”

The two ladies got into the room and Mykell sat down. Lelani began pulling night clothes from her drawers to change into as she listened to her friend’s story. Although she was sweaty and her funk began to permeate through the room, she sat down in her desk chair to listen attentively. Tears began to roll down Mykell’s face as she recounted the evening.

“Babygirl, its gonna be alright,” Lelani consoled her friend. “Don’t’ worry bout your mom. She’s not living your life.”

“I know but when she finds out that I changed my major, she’s gonna cut me off. No tuition, no apartment, nothing! Then what am I suppose to do?”

“I don’t know how to answer that. All I can say is that you have to do what’s best for you,” responded Lelani.

“That’s easy for you to say. You don’t depend on other people,” replied Mykell. She rose from the bed and started for the door.

“Where you going? I want to be here for you. You’re my best friend.”

“I need to get out. Lets go to Snookers.”

“Uhhh, Mykell.” Lelani was hesitant. “You know what, lets do that. But can I change first. I stink,” she continued with a slight chuckle.

“Oh, shit. My bad, chick. Go do what you do. Please,” Mykell said gesturing to the door.

After a quick shower, Lelani put on a pair of jeans, some sneakers, and a green tank top. The two girls headed downstairs to exit the dorm. Walking through the lounge, they ran into Tayla. She marched over to them wearing her pajamas.

“And where do you think you’re going, Lelani?” chirped Tayla with an attitude.

“Out. Why?” responded Lelani.

“You’ve missed the last two RA meetings and I don’t appreciate you coming in all hours of the night, leaving me to run the entire 4th floor, by myself!”

“Well, I’m sorry if you feel that way, but my dormies have not said anything to me. So I assumed that they weren’t having any problems.”

“Regardless, its you’re responsibility to check in with them. I’m going to the dean about you. I think you have your priorities mixed up,” Tayla said with animosity.

“Do what you gotta do. I’m leaving,” smiled Lelani, walking passed Tayla and out the door.

Mykell and Lelani enjoyed the rest of their evening and turned in around midnight. That night as they both lay in bed, they thought about what was going on in their present lives.

Lelani contemplated her ongoing relationship with Neo. She couldn’t understand why she had let herself have unprotected sex with him, besides incidentally having sex with him at all. Understandably, he was attractive both physically and emotionally, but she knew that continuing a sustainable relationship with him would draw focus away from her education. She had never intended to get involved with another man until after her Master’s was securely in her hands.

Mykell considered revealing her secret to her mother. How bad could it really be? She couldn’t in good faith stop supporting her all together. Besides, if that was her mother’s intentions then her cousin Jadan would be out, too. Her modeling career, although so fresh, was destined to take off and be very lucrative. All in all, nothing could be worse than going back into the business arena with nothing but resentment and hatred toward her mother for pressuring her to practice something she had no interest in. She was the master of her own abilities and needed to be accountable for them.

The next day Mykell awoke to Jadan banging on her room door. She rolled over and glanced at the time on the clock resting on her nightstand table. It read 9:45. Blurry eyed and drowsy, she pulled the comforter back, placed most of her weight on her elbow and pushed herself up.

“What? I’m up!! What?” Mykell yelled toward the door.

“Aye, ya momma is on the phone. Pick it up!” Jadan hollered back.

“Aight, I got it,” Mykell said as she reached over and lazily put the phone to her ear. “Hello, ma.”

“Chile, do you see what time it is? Get your butt up and talk to me.” Ms. Georgetta Armstrong was good for barking out orders. “Now what is this you was saying last night about some modeling thing?”

“Ma, I went to an open call the other day and got some responses. I was offered a contract, so I took it.”

“What you mean you went to some open call? Modeling is NOT a career, Miss Thang. You need an education to get anywhere in this world!”

“Listen, ma. No disrespect to you, but this is MY life. If I wanna put it on the line for a modeling career, than I will!” retorted Mykell, losing all censoring in her opinions.

“Excuse me? Who you think you talking to?” questioned Georgetta. “Mykell, you better watch your tone!”

“No, I’m an adult. But you are still treating me like I’m 16. I’m not Amiracle, ma. That’s who you should’ve been keeping an eye on; her little fast ass!”

With that, Mykell’s mother lost all command of the conversation. She was stunned to hear her oldest child speak to her in a way that was, to her, disrespectful. Mykell waited for a response, but none came. Mykell offered a simple apology for using foul language but stood by her words. Nothing would hurt her more than losing her mother’s trust and faith. The conversation civilized and ended with Mykell reluctantly revealing that she had changed her major.

“Mykell, I wish you would have told me how you felt,” her mother said softly. “You’re right. I’ve been pushing you to succeed but I never asked you what you wanted. And I’m sorry for that.”

“Ma, I didn’t mean to be so disrespectful, but I knew you wouldn’t listen had I came at you any other way.”

“So, I guess we do have some things in common after all,” suggested Georgetta. “One more thing before I go.”

“Yeah, ma. What is it?”

“Amiracle and Quentin are getting married this summer.”

“But she’s only 19!”

“Yeah, but she’s been through enough with the babies and the coma. Ya know?”

“Whatever. I’ll talk to her another day. I’ve got class.”

Mykell hung the phone up with her mother and dragged herself down the hall to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she stood in front of the mirror watching the condensation run down the glass. She reached up and wiped enough away to view her reflection. Her fresh skin smelled of lilac and her wet, kinky tendrils hung from her head. She examined the beauty of her reflection and smiled. For once in her life, she felt like everything was right; finally in control of her own destiny.

Interrupting her thoughts, music from down the hall began to blare in her ears. She opened the door to the bathroom and walked down the hall to the living room. Jadan was sitting on the couch reading a magazine and eating a bowl of cereal. Her head was bobbing to the music and seemed as if she hadn’t even seen Mykell approach her.

“What the fuck!! Its too fucking early for this shit!”

“What? I’m just trying to wake up. I didn’t say anything when you got a phone call this damn early?”

“Doesn’t matter. That was my mom. Don’t you have something to do today?”

“Nope. Jamere is coming by today to take me shopping.”

“Wow, you really have no idea do you? Jamere is a freaking loser!”

“Ha! And Dayshawn is any better? What is this week 4 he done stood you up?”

There was silence from Mykell. Although she hadn’t anticipated building an exclusive relationship with him, she never expected to be just another chick to D, and that was exactly how he treated her. He didn’t even have the courtesy to call her on her birthday. The night of their first “date” and half watching the movie at Neo’s house, she had brought him back to her house to finish the evening.

He did, in fact, have everything he had preached about, but after everything was said and done, he up and left…without hesitation. Since then, his participation in her daily activities had been scarce. Jadan’s comments had truth to them, but still they were harsh to hear.

“So don’t come out here hating on me, chick, cuz I got and you don’t,” Jadan said smartly.

“Look, I don’t have time to argue with you,” Mykell shot back. “I have real things to do.”

“Ok, whatever.”

Jadan turned her attention back to her magazine and cereal. Mykell resisted the temptation of smacking the milk from Jadan’s lips. She turned and went back into her room, slamming the door shut to make a point. She finished her grooming ritual and collected her things for school. Just as she was about to leave, the phone rang again. She heard Jadan’s feet thumping across the floor and then a second later her voice say “Hello?”

Mykell hurriedly walked through the house and out the door. She could have cared less who was on the phone. As she made her way down the last step, she heard her apartment door open and Jadan yell down the stairs. She said it was Dayshawn calling. Mykell yelled back an angry “So fucking what!” and kept on her path to her car. No sooner did she sit down and turn the key in the ignition did her ringtone begin to sing. It was Dayshawn.


“Damn, baby, why you couldn’t come back and answer the phone?”

“Nigga, are you really speaking right now?” snapped Mykell. She was still fuming from Jadan’s insensitive comments and D’s lack of interest in her.

“You seemed pissed. What’s wrong?” D faked sincerely.

“Just got some shit on my mind. Where you been the last couple of weeks.” Mykell started to remember that she really hadn’t spoken to D since their short episode. “You missed my birthday and some more shit.”

“I had to go out of town, shawty. Business.”

“Business? Yeah right. A phone call would have been nice, D.”

“Well, I’m sorry. How can I make it up to you, My?”

“Shit, I don’t even know.”

“What you bout to do?”

“I’m on my way to class. I won’t be done til 2.”

“Well, I’ll call you back at 2. I wanna spend some time with you.”

“Aight, call me back, nigga.”

Unsure about what the afternoon with D was to accomplish, Mykell still looked forward to spending time with him. Her classes drudged on for what seemed an eternity, then finally, they were over. She wasn’t sure what exact time D would call but she tried not to think about it.
As she walked to her car a few blocks away, she enjoyed the scenery of the college campus. The hot Miami sun beat down on her brown body, causing her to sweat. She always enjoyed the sunlight and the heat, but today just seemed extra hot. She shifted her bag on her shoulder and picked up the pace of her walk. Nothing would feel better right then than an ice cold strawberry and banana smoothie.

Driving to the Tropical Smoothie near the campus was uneasy. She couldn’t keep her mind off of D, but yet the craving for her favorite smoothie overtook her body. She quickly jumped out her car and raced into the café. Her forehead was filled with sweat and her chest was heaving from running.

“Can I get a strawberry and banana original smoothie, please?”

“Sure. Would you like a wrap with that?”

“Naw, just the smoothie.”

“Sure, but you have to do something for me, pretty lady.”

“I’m getting the money. Sorry bout that.”

“That’s ok. Its on me if I can get ya phone number.”

Mykell looked up from digging around in her bag. She hadn’t even bothered looking at the person standing behind the counter until then. As she lifted her head, she saw a masculine physique, nice creamy milk chocolate skin, and the brightest smile she had seen in years. When she finally got to his face, she smiled. Perfect and sexy as hell.

“Damn!” she said aloud not realizing she had until he smiled.

“I kinda have that effect on people. So can I get your number?”

“Umm, well…I…I’m kinda involved right now,” Mykell lied. Even if she had been “officially” with D, she would have left him in a heartbeat for the man in front of her…on looks alone.

“Oh, my bad. I had no idea. I see you on campus often. You’re always hanging out near the theatre.”

“Yeah, that’s my major. Um, how much do I owe you?” Mykell asked while she began digging through her bag again.

“Nothing. Its my pleasure. Here’s you’re smoothie. I hope to see again.”

Mykell grabbed the smoothie from the counter and slid to the side to let the next person in line order. She returned her bag to her shoulder and nervously walked out of the café. She could feel the cashier’s eyes still on her. She pulled the door open and took a quick look over her shoulder in his direction. He winked, she blushed, then exited.

Mykell waited in her car a few moments, considering going back into the café to hand the man her phone number. As she sipped her smoothie, she let her imagination run wild. How did his body feel? What about his lips on her neck? Was his touch gentle and caring? Her daydreaming was cut short by D’s ringtone humming inside her bag.


“Where you at?”

“In the Campus Corner Plaza getting a smoothie. Where you?”

“On my way to your house. Meet me there.”


She turned the key, put her car in drive, and headed home. She sat at the light a few blocks from her house waiting for the green. Dayshawn was a few cars ahead of her being his flamboyant self, blasting his music so that the world could hear what he was listening to. She followed him into the complex, parked in a space nearby and got out. He was still looking fresh and very fly.

He walked over to greet her. He gave her a light kiss on her cheek and put his arm around her shoulders. She brushed his arm off with attitude. The look on her face told him, she wasn’t having it. He grabbed the smoothie cup from her lips and sucked down as much as he could before she snatched it back.

“Whats your problem, girl?” D snarled as they walked up the steps.

“Wow! How can you ask me that?” Mykell looked back at him, as he trailed her by two steps. “You’ve been M.I.A. for almost a month and I’m the one with the problem?”

“Look, I told you I had business. Don’t start poppin off with that shit.”

“Oh, so now I’m poppin off? Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Man, come on now. I didn’t come over here to argue with you. If you’re gonna act like that, I’m gonna fuckin go,” he said stopping at the top of the stairs.

“Haul ass then nigga!” Mykell was fed up. She walked to her door, unlocked it and went inside.

“My, don’t act like that now,” Dayshawn begged, quickly reaching the door before Mykell had a chance to close it.

Dayshawn pushed his way into the house and wrapped his arm around Mykell’s waist. He kissed the nape of her neck and ran his hand down over her hip. She pulled away. Nothing was gonna deter her from saying what she had been waiting to say to him for the last couple of weeks.
She pulled her bag off and placed it on the coffee table and then took a seat on the loveseat.

Folding her arms across her chest, she pouted her lips into a mean expression. Dayshawn walked over and flopped down on the couch, reaching for the stereo remote. He waited for it to power up then selected the same disc and song in which was the soundtrack for their first sexual encounter.

“You remember this?”

“You ain’t slick, D. You know I remember this song.”

“So, stop pouting and come over here.”

“Hell naw, I’m upset with you.” Mykell said retaining her adverse composure. “Why you been treating me like I’m some random chick hangin on ya dick!”

“Mykell, I don’t think of you like that.” Another lie. “I thought we had an understanding?”

“I thought so too. But that doesn’t mean you can dismiss me like you been.”

“Well, I’m sorry if you took it that way. Now, come over here.”


She finally looked up at him. His face was charming. Her mind was telling her to get up and kick his sorry ass out, but her body was reluctant to follow suit. She slid out of the loveseat and over to the couch next to D. She laid her head on the inside of his shoulder and got comfortable. They continued to talk until the sun went down. She caught him up on the things he had missed, including the events of her birthday party and her new modeling contract.

His attention seemed to drift back and forth from Mykell and his constant text messages. Every other word she spoke, a new text message came through as if he was carrying two separate conversations. He finally put his phone down when she began to talk in depth about how much money she would be potentially making as a model. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead with congratulation.

Mykell sat up and turned to face D. She smiled in return and pulled his face toward hers for a kiss. His hands found themselves a home all over her body, exploring her frame once more. She reached down and pushed her hands underneath his bulky tee to feel his body. The ripples in his abdomen felt rock hard, but yet his skin was as smooth and creamy as it looked.

“What you wanna do, daddy?” Mykell anticipated his answer. “You wanna feel me again?”

“You know I do. Come on lets go back to your room.”

On the way back to the room, Mykell stopped in the bathroom to pee. She closed the door behind her and sat down. Hello! Nothing was happening that night. Realizing the date, Mykell wished she had been more attentive to her calendar. Although her “gift” was about three days early, she took it as a sign…”You shouldn’t be having sex with this man!” She straightened herself and went into the bedroom to give D the news. She walked in to find D sprawled out on the bed, ass naked. She shook her head in disapproval.

“No nookie this week,” Mykell delivered with disappointment.

“Why not?” D said sitting up.

“Mother nature came early this month. Sorry.”

“Man, that’s bullshit!” Dayshawn was irritated. “You just saying that cause I haven’t called you in a few weeks.”

“What! Why would I even…” D cut her explanation short.

“I’m out!” He jumped from the bed pulling his clothes on from off the floor. “Don’t even know why I wasted my time over here,” he said under his breathe.

“You’ve got some nerve, boy!”

“Yeah, better to have nerve then let some silly bitch play me out!”

“Oh, I know you not calling me no bitch!”

D jumped into his sneakers faster than he did the last time and headed for the door. Mykell flung the room door open and let him pass. She followed him down the hallway and watched as he almost snatched the door off its hinges. On the other side stood Jadan and Jamere. She looked as if she was just about to put her key into the door.

Jadan jumped out the way as D pushed pass them angrily. Mykell just stood watching. After she heard him stomp off the last step, she sauntered to the kitchen. Frustrated she pulled open the freezer door and snatched the last ice cream pint from the back and slammed the door shut. On her way out, she grabbed a clean spoon from the dish drain.

“Damn, you alright, ma?” asked Jamere still wondering what situation he had just walked into.

“I’m good,” rolled off Mykell as she continued back into her room.

“Hey, we bout to watch a movie. You wanna join us?”

“Naw. Ya’ll don’t need me as a third wheel.”

“I can call my homeboy if you want me to.” Jamere added to encourage Mykell to enjoy the rest of the evening. “He should be just getting off work right now.”

“Whatever. Do what you want.”

“Jamere, call ya friend and invite him over. She’s gonna come out here.”

Jadan walked down the hallway to Mykell’s room. She knocked softly and pushed the door back. Mykell was climbing into her bed, the tears began to well in her eyes; she was about to start crying. Jadan slowly walked over to her cousin to console her. Mykell tipped her head onto her cousin’s shoulder as Jadan squeezed in next to her in the bed.

“What’s wrong, chick?”

“Dat nigga ain’t shit!” Mykell’s eyes poured with tears.

“So. Fuck him. You knew that before tonight, so why you trippin over his ass?”

“I don’t know.”

“Stop crying, I got a nigga to impress, you messing up my shit,” Jadan said causing Mykell to sniffle and laugh at the same time.

“Aight. What movie ya’ll got?”

“Some random shit he wanted. But he’s calling his friend for you so get yourself together and bring ya ass out here.”

“Ok, give me a few minutes.”

Jadan closed the door behind herself and went back into the living room. Mykell knew that Jadan was right. She did know that D wasn’t shit before that day. Why had she even let him get to her. Mykell checked herself over in the long mirror bolted to her closet door and joined her cousin and Jamere in the other room. A half hour later there was a knock at the front door.

Butterflies churned in Mykell’s stomach. She wasn’t big on “blind dates.” Although she half expected the guy to be a hot mess, she was anxious to find out what he looked like. Jamere answered the door and invited his friend in. He began the introductions with Jadan then motioned over to Mykell. Mykell turned in the chaise she had made herself comfortable in to see the anonymous stranger.

She could believe it. It was her mystery smoothie man from the café. His smile was just as bright in the house at night as it had been earlier that day. Mykell began to blush again remembering his wink and his smile. He stretched out his hand as if he was offering a handshake.

“So we meet again, beautiful.”

“I see that. I’m Mykell.”

“Alexander but my friends call me Alex.”

“Ok. Well..ummm…I…” Mykell stumbled “Sit, please.”

“Will do, only if I can sit next to you.”

“Sure, why not.”

The rest of the evening, the foursome talked, played cards, and watched scenes from the movie playing on the DVD player. Their was so much laughing and joking, the time flew by quickly. Mykell forgot about the evenings earlier altercation and enjoyed Alex’s company. She recalled that she had told him that she was “involved” but not once did he question her about it. He seemed legitimately interested in who she was and what she was doing with her life. Mykell learned that Alex was a senior psych major with intentions of earning his Ph. D in clinical psychology. He wanted to pursue a career in psychiatry but lacked the ambition for medical school.

The night came to an end when Jadan and Jamere retired to her bedroom. Alex excused himself for the night and promised to call Mykell at his earliest convenience. Mykell locked up the house and headed off to bed. Before drifting off to sleep Mykell called Lelani on her cell.

“Hey girl. You sleep?”

“Yeah, just about there. Why what’s up?”

“Trying to make plans for tomorrow and this weekend.”

“Ok, cool. Whatever you want to do. Just call me.”

“Aight, girl. Go to sleep.”

Mykell hung up the phone and placed it back on its charger. She rolled over towards her window. The moonlight shone through her sheer curtains and onto her face. She closed her eyes to dream. Hopefully, it would be even more fulfilling than her day had been…sex or not.

Chapter 2, Part 1: Master of My Abilities

Please see "Chapters You May Have Missed..." for previous chapter/parts.

Chapter 2: Master of My Abilities
Mykell picked up her purse and portfolio from the coffee table and headed out the door. She was on her way to the downtown hotel for one of the biggest open model calls she had ever been on. She was nervous but confident. Ever since she was a teenager, people always suggested that she become a model. Now that she had the time and the money, she would do anything and everything to pursue her career. Plus, being a model could open up doors for her becoming a successful actress.

When she walked up the steps to the front of the hotel, she saw a lot of beautiful girls. Short thick Spanish girls, tall skinny white girls and average height and sized black girls. There was someone there to represent every nationality. She sized herself up to a few but always shook off the idea that they had anything on her.

When she arrived inside the big ballroom, there were rows of tables set up with representatives from a large number of big time modeling agencies. She decided not to try and inquire about them but to let them inquire about her. Her strategy was to walk down each row and throw short smiles at some of the reps. Mykell believed that if they really wanted her, they would ask.
After several minutes of walking, Mykell finally got a reaction. The representative was a thin older woman who looked as though she could have passed for a model back in the eighties but was now reduced to scouting new talent. The older woman introduced herself and asked if Mykell had a comp card or photo.

Mykell reached into her portfolio and handed the woman her card. The woman glanced over it quickly. So quick, Mykell almost thought she hadn’t took any interest in it. To Mykell’s surprise the woman invited her to a private consultation that was to be held the next day. She inform Mykell that only special individuals had enough quality to attend.

Mykell accepted the invitation and thanked the woman for her time. Although she felt confident that the invitation was legit, she continued her stroll for other considerations. She made her way around to the lower level of the ballroom. There she saw what seem to be the lesser known agencies. She found a few which were black owned. They displayed pictures of black magazines and stills of music videos in which they made claims to of having provided models for.

One booth caught Mykell’s attention. There was a tall, handsome gentleman in a blue pinstriped suit standing next to the table. He had the figure and face of a model. She straighten out her tank top and scrunched her ponytail before she walked by him. As she walked by, she made eye contact with the gentleman and licked her lips. He returned her gesture with a smiled. She felt his grip tug on her arm to bring her closer to him.

“Excuse me, Miss. But can I have a few minutes of your time?”

“Sure. And your name is?”

"Dickson. Dallas Dickson. And your name?”

“Mykell Armstrong.”

“Ok, Miss Armstrong, you’re exactly what I’m looking for.”

“Well, what are you looking for?”

“My company is willing to sponsor a few girls to help start their career in modeling, acting, and in the music industry. Now, from what I see you have very good potential to be successful in at least two of those areas.”

“Really. Now I heard you say your company. Do you own this company, Mr. Dickson?”

‘Between me and you, I do but, please, call me Dallas. I like to take interest in the endeavors of my girls, first hand. Now if you’d like, I can set you up an appointment to discuss our offer in further detail.”

“Ok, Dallas, what do you have available?”

“How about tomorrow at eight pm?”

“Wow! How late does your office stay open?”

“We close at six. But for you, I’d work overtime.”

“Umm, sounds good. Where are you located?”

“Here’s the address. Please come dressed to impress.”

“I will. Thank you.”

“No, thank you.”

Mykell smiled at Dallas’ flirtatious attitude. She could feel him undressing her with his eyes. She took the business card from his fingers and slid it down into her portfolio. She walked away with sass. She knew that he would be watching. When she got to the end of the row, she turned back and caught a glimpse of Dallas shaking his head in approval. Her search was over. She had two appointments lined up and felt good that either would turn into something profitable.

Tayla was up late researching some potential internships for the next semester. Although, becoming an advertising executive was her life long dream, all the efforts to prepare herself for the large work load ahead seemed endless. She glanced over at the clock on her nightstand and it read 7:30 pm. She hadn’t heard from Dallas since their lunch date earlier and wondered what was keeping him. Impatient to wait any longer, she picked up her phone and dialed his number at the office.

The phone rang three times before he finally picked up the phone.

“This is Dallas Dickson of Best Potential Incorporated, how can I help you?”

“Hey, baby, you still at the office I see. You getting off soon?”

“Naw, I have a lot of paper work to do for this shoot tomorrow. I think I might have to take some of this home or stay late tonight. Why? Were you waiting up on me?”

“Not really. I just hadn’t heard from you since lunch. Sorry to bother you. I’m busy, too. Just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Ahh, I wanted to stop by but this requires my undivided. So I promise you I’m going to be all yours this weekend. We’ll ride out to South Beach or something and relax…just the two of us.”

“Sounds good to me. Call me tomorrow if you get away for a second, aight?”

“Fo sho, baby girl. Love you.”

“Me too, Dallas. Bye”

Dallas looked over the contracts for the photo shoot that was scheduled for the next day. They were nowhere near being complete and ready for his signatures. Frustrated he buzzed his secretary, Torrance, into the office. She sauntered in his office wearing the usual short mini and high heels. Dallas only hired her because she had looked more tempting than the other applicants when he started up the business. And he knew that the only reason she even applied was because she was desperate to meet anyone with six figures behind them, male or female, and would do anything to get at them.

“Torrance, these contracts are unacceptable. Did you look over them when they were delivered?”

“Was I suppose to?”

“I hired you to do that kind of work. Not just to sit on your ass and make long dime calls on my tab. If you can’t handle that then I will find someone else to. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yeah. But I don’t know what I’m suppose to be looking for.”

“Ok, look. Just make sure that all the places I’m suppose to sign are marked and that each contract is stapled separately from one another. I don’t want to have to sit here and try to figure out which contract belongs to which company all night long. Now take these, fix them, and bring them back.”

“But it’s almost eight. I was suppose to have been gone home. You asked me to stay for the last client coming in, remember?”

“Damn, I almost forgot about Miss Armstrong coming in. Ok, I tell you what. You go prepared Studio B for me and wait there. I might need you in some shots tonight. The contracts can wait till in the morning.”

“Ok, Dallas.”

“That’s Mr. Dickson, to you.”

“Sorry, Mr. Dickson”

Torrance left the office with a huff. She didn’t understand why Dallas had her calling him Mr. Dickson. They had been on a first name basis just a few weeks ago. But it seemed like he had did a complete 360 the last couple of weeks. The door shut behind her and Dallas moved from around his desk headed toward his in office bathroom.

He steadied himself with both hands on the sink, taking just a moment to consider his the situation at hand. He reached over, turned on the cold water, and splashed some across his face. The reflection he saw in the mirror seemed to talk back to him.

“What are you doing? Tayla loves you, man. This is the old you. Think about this.”

Dallas shook off the notion that he could ever be faithful. He had never in the past, and even, being engaged to Tayla couldn’t stop his urges for sexual satisfaction. Maybe it wasn’t natural for him to be monogamous, besides, his new business required that he be open and “free” just to attract new faces, even if he really wasn’t.

The sound of his office door closing startled him back to reality. He quickly dried his face and adjusted his suit. He stepped back into the office to see Mykell standing next to the door wearing a snug black dress with a plunging neck line. The dress was cut so well that it almost looked like it was painted on her body. Dallas swallowed the thick lump in his throat. He knew it would be a great night.

“Good evening, Miss Armstrong. You look very nice tonight.”

“Thank you. And you don’t look bad yourself. I brought my portfolio if you want to take a look.”

“Great! Let’s do that.”

The two walked over to the large table positioned in the corner of the room were Dallas clicked on the big overhead light to get a better look at the young woman’s pictures. He skimmed through several photos of Mykell in urban wear, bikinis, and lingerie; many of which caught his eye. She had natural talent and the camera loved her.

As Mykell stood next to him, she couldn’t help but notice his cologne, strong but enticing. She shifted her weight a couple of times to fight back the urge to reach out and grab him. After a few minutes of viewing the album, Dallas closed the book.

He motioned for her to have a seat at the desk. She slowly maneuvered around the chair so that Dallas could get a good glimpse of all her assets that she intended to make great money off of. She slid into the seat easily and made herself comfortable. Dallas propped himself up on the corner edge of the desk, moving a cup of pens to the side to make room for his frame. Still holding her portfolio he smiled over at Mykell.

“These are very nice. I like what I see. I think we may have something here. But first I need you to answer a few questions on the type of work you are looking for and what your goals are.”

“Well, I’m open to almost anything right now. I’m a junior over at the university as a theatre major. Eventually I want to be an actress like Halle Berry…well, the next Halle to be exact. But I know that I have to start somewhere and modeling is a good place. So here I am.”

“Ok. You said modeling. Does that include print as well as commercial and full body?”

“I’m confused. There’s a difference?”

“Yes. Let me explain.”

Dallas explained to Mykell that print modeling would appear in magazines and advertisements, and that it might not necessarily include her face. Mykell nodded at the thought of her appearing in a magazine. He elaborated by clarifying that commercial modeling is the small time stuff like car shows, mall displays and non-high fashion modeling, and full figure would mean Mykell would be required to be nude on the set but not necessarily show anything indecent.

The thought of being nude made Mykell nervous. She had never done anything like that before. She rose from her chair and fixed her dress a bit. Not knowing if she wanted to continue with the interview she reached for her portfolio and prepared to leave. Dallas drew his hand back with a puzzled look on his face. He asked Mykell what the problem was.

The look in her eye made it clear that she wasn’t about to enter into any contract that would require her to be nude in any way. He suggested the possibility of amending the standard contract to exclude any full figure modeling until it was clear that Mykell was willing to participate. He informed her that she would have the freedom to reject any jobs that required full figure modeling.

“This is something that I don’t usually do. But for you, I’ll make an exception.”

“It’s not something that I just won’t do, but I’m not ready to commit to something that drastic this early. I don’t want anything I do now to affect my future career. Halle Berry made it big before she took off her clothes and I can do the same, if not better.”

“I can respect that and that’s why I’m making the offer to amend the contract. But you have to leave the option open for later because that one job might make you a star, like it did for Lisa-Raye.”

“Ok. Under that one condition, where do I sign?”

Feeling better about the deal, Mykell returned to her seat. Dallas walked around his desk and sat down in the big desk chair. He looked like a king on his throne. He reached into the side drawer and pulled out a few forms. One long one labeled: Standard Contract, at the top. He handed Mykell three different forms. She read each carefully and signed each at the bottom. She watched as Dallas wrote in the amendment on her contract. He slid it across the table and Mykell read it over and signed her name. The only thing on her mind was how much money she was going to make signing with an agency.

After all the paper work was out of the way, Dallas stood and offered Mykell his hand. He welcomed her to Best Potential Inc. and she thanked him. Before putting on a bright smile, Mykell licked both of her lips then bit into her bottom lip. The gesture made Dallas want to see her in action…in more ways than one.

“Although this is a nice portfolio, I want to get some test shots of you to put in the catalog we send out to our clients. Would you mind if we did that tonight?”

“Wow, I didn’t bring any wardrobe or anything.”

“That’s not necessary. I have a tank top that I have all my girls wear for the catalog shots. You’re a medium right?”

“Yeah, you sure do know your sizes. Who’s going to be taking these pictures?”

“Me. I’m also a photographer. Let’s head down to Studio B. My secretary is waiting.”

Mykell, smiled her famous smile and let Dallas lead her downstairs to Studio B. The studio was set up so professionally. The lights were on and a black backdrop was set in the center. Torrance walked over with a black tank top. She handed it to Mykell who cordially tried to introduce herself. Torrance ignored the greeting and whipped around to finish the set.

Dallas pointed in the direction of a three panel screen and instructed Mykell to put the tank on. Knowing Dallas didn’t offer her any shorts. She emerged from around the screen wearing the tank top and her black thongs. Dallas’ eyes widen at Mykell’s slender frame. She walked out in front of the backdrop.

Dallas gave her simple instructions to smile naturally and look into the camera. Mykell’s natural ability presented itself immediately. The glow from her face and body could over shadow anyone. Confidently, she finished the catalog shots and knew it would be nothing but success in her new modeling career.

Mykell finished her shots and redressed behind the screen. Dallas told her that he would be calling her in the upcoming weeks to schedule jobs for her. They briefly shook hands and he walked her out the door. As she walked away, Dallas grew intrigued with her potential. His business was growing, faster than he had ever assumed it would. He wasn’t concerned much about making it in his future, but was concerned that his business might interfere with the type of relationship he wanted with Tayla. If he could only find a balance without jeopardizing either venture.

Chapter 1, Part 2

Please see the "Chapters You May Have Missed..." for previous chapters/parts.

Mykell looked at the clock. It was already 9:30. Dayshawn would be over in a half hour and she was nowhere near being ready. Why had she made plans to go out with him tonight? After all, she knew he only had one goal in mind, to get in her bed. But Mykell vowed not allowed herself to get sucked up in his game.

She showered and dressed faster than she had ever done before. Usually it took at least 20 minutes of prep time and another thirty minutes to be ready, but tonight she set a record time. Just as she was putting on the final touches of makeup, she heard a knock at the door. Damn! He was the first man to ever be on time.

Mykell adjusted her skirt before opening the door, the shorter the better. She unlocked the lock and slowly opened it to reveal Dayshawn’s broad figure. He wore a crisp pair of jeans, a Hurricanes football jersey, and a pair of orange, green and white sneakers. He covered his mouth with his fist to muffle a “Damn” and hide his smile.

“You like?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Well, come in for a moment. I’m not quite ready.”

“You stay here alone?”

“Naw. I’ve got a roommate. My cousin Jadan but she’s out doing her thing.”

“Oh for real?”


“Just curious. It’s a nice place ya‘ll have.”

Mykell walked to the back into the bathroom to finish perfecting her look. A few moments later she emerged from the back, ready. Dayshawn rose from the recliner chair and headed for the door. They both walked downstairs to his car. It had the typical Southern boy appeal; old school big body car with big rims, dark tint, and a loud stereo system.

The two drove to a diner a few blocks from Mykell’s apartment. They sat, ordered, and talked while they awaited their meals. As Mykell began talking about herself, Dayshawn looked down and played with his silverware, hardly paying any attention to anything Mykell was saying. She was so wrapped up in herself, she hardly noticed that he wasn’t being attentive.

Their food arrived and Dayshawn dug in immediately. He ate like he hadn’t eaten in days. Once, Mykell could have swore that she saw him lick the plate but wasn’t quite sure. She finished her plate and placed her napkin on the table.

“So what now?”

“You drink?”

“A little. You?”

“Yeah. I was thinking we could go shoot some pool and have a few drinks.”

“Cool with me. I think that we should invite my friend Lelani. She never really gets out and it would be good for her.”

“The chick you was with at the club?”

“Yeah. You know that her and your boy got together last week.”

“Who, Neo? Naw, he didn’t tell me that.”

“Yeah, it was last Monday. She went over his house to plan my birthday party for this weekend.”

“Your birthday is this weekend?”

“Yeah, I told you a minute ago. Weren’t you listening?”

“Yeah, but I thought you meant next weekend. Sorry. But yeah call her up and I’ll call Neo.
Don’t tell her he’s coming though.”

“Don’t tell him she’s coming either.”


Dayshawn and Mykell called their friends requesting that they meet them at a pool hall located near the beach. Dayshawn didn’t have to work as hard to get Neo out. Mykell on the other hand had to a lot of negotiating to convince Lelani to come. After some time, Lelani ultimately agreed to meet Mykell at the pool hall. Within thirty minutes, the two conspirators waited outside the pool hall for their unsuspecting guests.

Neo was the first to arrive. He walked over and greeted Dayshawn and Mykell. There was a surprised look on his face. Neo hadn’t expected to see Mykell and could only imagine what his friend was up to.

“What’s this, dawg? You didn’t tell me she was going to be here.”

“There more for you. That’s mine.”

“What’s up, Neo?”

“Ya’ll think ya’ll slick, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” retorted Mykell.

The three waited outside for another five minutes. Just as they were getting ready to walk inside, Lelani pulled up. She parked near the back so Mykell walked around to meet her. Mykell figured that if Lelani saw either of the guys, she would immediately get back in her car and go home. Lelani got out her car and sauntered over towards Mykell.

Mykell wrapped her arm around Lelani’s shoulder and together they walked back into the hall. The girls grabbed two stools at the bar and ordered some drinks and a rack of balls. Lelani didn’t understand why Mykell had asked for eight beers until she heard Neo and Dayshawn come up behind them.

“Hey, I got you guys some beers. Dayshawn you paying right?”

“We’re paying. I can’t leave my man with the check by himself. Good evening, Lelani. Wasn’t expecting you to be here,” Neo said with a grin.

“You either. Mykell why didn’t you tell me they would be here?” questioned Lelani.

“Because I knew if I did, you wouldn’t have come.”

“You’re right. Now that I know, I’m leaving. Thanks for the beer, Dayshawn.”

“Whatever,” Dayshawn said smuggly.

“No, don’t leave. We’re going to shoot some pool. You can do that without getting into trouble can’t you?” asked Neo.

“Yeah, but I …”

“No you don’t,” interrupted Mykell.

“You ain’t even give me a chance to say anything.”

“You ain’t got nothing else to do. So shut up and drink up, girly.”

“One game. Then I’m leaving, ”Lelani said firmly.

“You can leave now for all I care. Stuck up bitch,” snapped Dayshawn.

“Hey dawg, chill out. One game, Lelani,” Neo said to affirm Lelani’s attempt to get away.

Neo grabbed the rack of balls, Dayshawn found a table, and the girls carried the beers over. Within a few minutes the first game had started between Neo and Dayshawn. The four played pool, carried conversation, laughed, and occasionally glanced at the football game on the TV.
After the game between Neo and Dayshawn finished, Lelani stood and gathered her things. She hadn’t planned on staying any longer. Neo set his stick down on the table and walked over to Lelani to try and convince her to stay.

After a few attempts, he finally got through to her. She placed her purse back on the table and picked up the pool stick. Mykell snatched the other stick from Dayshawn, who had won the previous game.

“Damn, girl, you should have gotten a stick for yourself.”

“Well, I want this stick. You won with it so it must be lucky.”

“I’ll give you a stick all right but it won’t be that short!”

“You wish, nigga,” piped in Lelani.

“Bitch, I’ll whip my magic stick out and slap you with it.”

“Please don’t. You really wouldn’t want to scare anybody,”Lelani chirped back.

“Neo, get your girl for I have to hurt her silly ass.”

“Damn, Dayshawn. Chill out. She was just playing.”

Once the atmosphere return to being calm, the two ladies went forward with their game. The game lasted for almost an hour as the girls had little experience in playing pool. By the time the game ended between the girls, it was nearing one in the morning and Dayshawn was getting restless. He had been watching Mykell bend over the pool table all night and he wanted badly for her to bend over in front of him. He remembered how she had danced with him at the club and how quickly she got his dick hard.

Dayshawn pulled Mykell to a table in the corner not far from the pool table and began to kiss down Mykell’s neck. He wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her body closer to his. Mykell felt his other hand wonder to her booty. She smiled and giggled. She wanted badly to take him back to her house to investigate the claims he had made earlier.

Neo noticed what Dayshawn and Mykell were doing in the corner. He looked at Lelani to see if she had noticed too. She had and the look on her face was one of disgust. Neo wondered how she had felt about what happened between them the week before. Did she feel the same way about him as he did about her? Did she secretly want him but was just too afraid to say so? He didn’t want to push for answers so he came to a decision to let things happen as they would.

“What is she doing?”

“What she feels. She isn’t stopping herself feel things that come natural to everyone.”

“And what’s that suppose to mean?”

“Nothing. I wasn’t directing it to you. I just meant that she lets go. She doesn’t hide how she truly feels about what she wants.”

“And I do? I see where this is going. You can’t respect the fact that I have a life other than niggas and sex.”

“That’s not how I meant it. I just don’t understand what happened between us last week.”

“I thought we were going to leave that alone. We did agree to that Friday didn’t we?”

“Yes, but if I have to continue to see you then I would really like to clear the air.”

“Ok. What’s on your mind.”

“This week has been frustrating to me. I see something I want and can’t have it. Do you know how that feels?”

“Yeah. Last week I saw this dress and…”

“No. Not like that. Come here let me show you.”

Neo rose form the stool and approached Lelani. He grabbed her waist and held her face to meet his. He leaned in and kissed her just as he did the previous Monday. She resisted as she did before but it only took a few seconds before she let it happen. Neo picked her up and sat her on the pool table. He kissed down her neck and rubbed his hands up and down her back.

Both couples broke from their kisses when they heard a group of people yell out “get a room“. Dayshawn and Neo turned to each other and laughed. Neo helped Lelani off the pool table and Dayshawn released Mykell from his grip. The ladies grabbed their purses from the table and they all headed out the door.

When they got outside, they made plans to meet over Neo’s house to watch a movie. Mykell decided that she would ride with Lelani so they could talk. The girls, Dayshawn, and Neo separated and went to their respective cars and started over to Neo’s apartment. Mykell flipped down the vanity mirror and began primping.

“I saw you, chick.”

“Saw me do what?”

“Oh, don’t act dumb now. I saw what you and Neo was doing on the pool table. Why don’t you just admit it?”

“Admit what?”

“That you want Neo. Bitch, he is too fine and you know that when we get over here he’s going to want to fuck.”

“Neo and I are just friends. He knows that I don’t have time to get involved with anyone.”

“You are in denial, girl. I don’t understand why you keep leading him on.”

“I’m not leading him on. He knows that it’s not going to turn into anything.”

“Whatever. I know that Dayshawn and I are going to fuck tonight. His dick was getting hard while we were in the pool hall and he was whispering some real freak nasty in my ear.”

“Well, be careful with that nigga. Neo said he thinks he’s a player. I don’t want you to get to attached and he not want the same commitment with you.”

“Whatever. Once I put this pussy on him, he’ll never want to leave.”

Lelani took her time driving to Neo’s apartment. What Mykell had said to her really had gotten to her. She contemplated if she would even stay long. They soon arrived out in front of Neo’s. Lelani cut the engine and sat a moment. She looked down at her outfit and adjusted her shirt. She didn’t want to send the wrong message but she feared she already had. Mykell nudged her and urged her out the car. Reluctantly, she exited and walked to the door.

Neo answered and invited them in. Dayshawn was rumbling through a box of DVDs that sat next to the television. Mykell hurried over and took a seat next to him to help him look. Neo asked if anyone wanted a drink. Dayshawn requested vodka and orange juice, Mykell asked for water. Neo asked Lelani directly but she declined.

After Dayshawn and Mykell finally made a movie choice, Neo put it in the DVD player and took a seat with Lelani on the loveseat. Mykell stood up and flipped the light switch, leaving the glow from the movie as their only source of light.

Neo leaned over next to Lelani and suggested that she take her shoes off to get comfortable. She obliged and slid off her flip flops. Neo pulled her legs onto his lap, looked over at Lelani and smiled. She politely returned the smile then turned her attention back to the previews on the screen.

About 20 minutes into the movie, Mykell got up to use the bathroom. She wasn’t gone two minutes when Dayshawn rose and followed behind her. Dayshawn gave Neo a wink and nudged Lelani in the head as he passed.

“What do you think they’re doing back there?”

“Don’t play dumb. They’re back there starting something.”

“Well, I would start something in here but…”

“No you’re not. We’re going to finish this movie.”

“I knew you’d say that. I was just playing.”

Lelani sucked her teeth in disapproval. She knew that Neo wanted to do the things Dayshawn and Mykell were back there doing. She did too but she didn’t know where she would end up after that. She fought back her cravings and tried to focus on the movie.

Her attention was drawn from the movie a second time when she felt Neo massaging her feet. She had never had a guy massage her feet before, nevertheless it felt good. Neo’s hands were strong but gentle and he knew exactly what he was doing.

He repeated his technique on up to her legs then her thighs, releasing the tension that had been building up since she arrived. She slid down toward his grip and let her head fall back against the armrest. Neo used both hands to massage her thighs, alternating between the left and the right.
Lelani licked her lips in satisfaction and felt her mouth begin to water with pleasure. She looked up only to see Neo looking back at her. He shifted their bodies in the loveseat so he lay between her legs. Lelani opened them to receive his manly stature.

He took her bottom lip into his mouth, just as he had twice before. Only this time, she didn’t resist. Lelani pushed her hands up the back of his shirt and moved her them around to the front to feel up his chest. It was perfect; hard six pack muscles, firm pecks, just as she had imagined them to be.

Neo lifted Lelani’s body from the loveseat and carried her back to his room. He slowly lowered her to the bed and closed the door. He removed his shirt and turned his attention back to the bed. Lelani sat up on her elbows with a sexy look in her eye. Her eyes drew him near and silently spoke to him.

Neo resumed where they left off in the living room. He pushed his hands inside Lelani’s shirt kneading her breasts through her bra. In approval, Lelani relaxed onto her back and allowed Neo to do his work. He pulled the shirt from over her head and slowly began kissing her neck and chest. She was enjoying his touch. It felt good to let her feelings for him show.

He kissed down her upper body. He licked and sucked everywhere. He made his way back up to her neck and began whispering between kisses.

“Are you sure you want this to happen. I don’t want to do anything you don’t”

“Please, Neo, don’t stop. I want you so bad now. I can’t fight you anymore.”

Just as Neo was about to pull the straps of her bra down, there was a knock at the door. It was Mykell. She wanted to speak to Lelani. Lelani got up from the bed and went to the door. She cracked it and peered through. She saw Mykell. Her hair was a slight mess and the look in her eye was one she had never seen before.

“What’s up? You ok?”

“Yeah. I just wanted to tell you that I was leaving. I can’t do it over here. I don’t feel right. What ya’ll in there doing?”

“Stuff. I realized that you were right. I was in denial.”

“Denial’s a bitch, ain’t it?”

“Whatever. Be safe and have fun. I’ll call you tomorrow…or should I say later today.”


Lelani closed the door and turned back to Neo. He was laying on the bed, naked. Her eyes widened at the sight of his dick. It was perfect, just like the rest of him. “Damn!” she thought. Lelani removed her jeans and crawled back into the bed. She straddled Neo’s body and leaned in to kiss him. He wrapped his arms around her body, rubbing down her back and cupping her booty. Lelani’s breathing grew rapid. She ran her tongue down his body, stopping only for a moment to suck his nipples.

She rubbed her soft hands down past his stomach and wrapped them around his swelling dick. Neo moaned softly. It grew quickly, standing erect and hard. Lelani made her way down and drew Neo into her mouth. He moaned again. She laughed inside because she knew right then she had tapped into him. He brushed his hands around her shoulders, massaging them gently with every stoke she took. Her saliva began running down his shaft and around his balls.

Neo closed his eyes and enjoyed Lelani’s work. He let her take in all of him. After a few minutes, Lelani rose and looked at Neo. He was still in a trance She removed her panties and her bra, then called out to him. He opened his eyes and a smirk drew across his face. He sat up and pushed himself to the edge of the bed where Lelani was standing.

He placed his hands upon her hips and tugged her body closer to his. His mouth opened and took in one her breast. He twirled his tongue around her hard nipple and created a light suction with his mouth. Lelani moaned in pleasure. He repeated the action with the other breast, making Lelani wetter with each motion.

Neo stood up and moved Lelani’s body against the empty wall near his closet door. He picked her up so her lips could meet his. With the wall bearing much of her weight, Neo reached down and massaged her clit. Lelani trembled in his arms.

“Please, Neo, don’t make me wait any more. I want to feel you inside me.”

“What about protection? I have to get it from the dresser.”

“I’m on birth control. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“But what about…”

“It’s really up to you then. Do you trust me?”

“I do. Do you trust me?”

“Yes. I feel safe with you. Now, come on, put him inside me.”

Neo knew he was taking a big risk having unprotected sex with Lelani but the moment was going fast and he didn’t want it to pass. He kissed down Lelani’s neck once more before he entered her. She let out a soft moan, which to him sounded like one of relief. He pushed himself deep inside her until he felt her bottom. She was deep, deeper than anyone he had ever had before. She surrounded him tightly and the wetness dripped down his shaft and onto his thighs.

He stroke her body slowly at first, giving her time to adjust to his size and rhythm. Then as she relaxed more, he moved faster and harder. She gripped his back and dug her nails in. Lelani could feel the beads of sweat begin to form on his arms and back. His body smelled great and the aroma of them fucking faded behind it.

Neo moved their bodies to the bed. He laid her down and turned her over on her stomach. He kissed the back of her thighs and licked over her round mound. He stopped his path in the small of her back, where he spent some time to trace an outline of her strawberry tattoo then pretending to lick up the drops of juice that ran down to her ass. Lelani smiled at the fact that Neo understood exactly why she had gotten the tattoo and knew how to fulfill its purpose, exceedingly.

He reentered her from the back, keeping her legs close to add to the tightness she already possessed. He pulled her arms above her head and interlocked his fingers with hers. His strokes became more powerful and Lelani couldn’t hold back any more. She let out soft moans between her shallow breaths. Neo increased his thrusts, hitting Lelani just in the right spot. Before long, Lelani felt her climax. It exploded upon Neo’s dick and ran out soaking through the comforter to the sheets.

Neo knew that Lelani had cum. He was glad that he could make her feel the pleasure he wanted her to have. He rolled over and lay on his back. He reached under her stomach and pulled her body on top of his. Lelani needed no more guidance. She stroked his dick once or twice before she placed it inside her body. She gyrated her hips down on his lap, letting him flow in and out of her with ease. Neo, again, closed his eyes and let Lelani take him in, this time it felt much deeper.
Their legs began to clap together as Lelani rode Neo into his climax. He gripped the comforter with one hand and Lelani’s waist with the other. He squeezed tightly as his cum ran inside her. Lelani enjoyed the way it felt, like a warm stream of water running through her. A small moan worked out of Neo’s mouth. As he took a deep breath, Lelani leaned forward and kissed his neck.
“I liked that.”


“Hearing you moan after you came. It lets me know I’ve done my job.”

“Baby, you did that a long time ago.”

Neo wrapped his arms around Lelani and opened his eyes. He looked her deep in the eyes and kissed her lips. She returned the kiss without hesitation.

For the first time since she had been in Miami, Lelani felt comfortable and worry-free. She had built up a wall that seem to come crashing down when she felt Neo’s embrace get tighter around her body. Something about this moment made her feel secure and free.

Lelani got up and began to get dressed. Neo glanced over at the clock. He suggested that Lelani stay the rest of the night. Lelani looked over at the clock and realized she had missed the window to get in the dorm building. She pulled her leg out of her pants and climb back into bed with Neo. They talked for a few minutes before she curled up next to him and fell asleep. Neo looked over at her sleeping body, smiled, and fell asleep.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter 1 Pt. 1: Denial is A Bitch

Please see the "In Case You missed it" if you've missed any parts.

Chapter One: Denial Is A Bitch

Lelani wasn’t looking forward for the rest of the week. She glanced down at her planner and saw that she had two papers due Friday, a test on Thursday and still hadn’t prepared to started her new workout plan she made apart of her New Year’s resolution. The frustration began building inside her head. Setting her planner back on her desk, she grabbed her shower caddie and headed to the bathroom on her floor to shower.

She opened her door and filed down the hallway creeping silently past the other rooms on the floor. It was early and most of the students on the floor were still sleeping. Just as she as approached the entry way of the bathroom, she noticed the other 4nd floor Resident Advisor, Tayla Gibbons. She was standing at the coke machine at the end of the hall.

Tayla pulled the soda from the dispenser and turned to go back to her room. She twisted the cap and looked in Lelani’s direction. Lelani’s eyes bowed downward to avoid direct eye contact with Tayla. In their previous meeting, Tayla and Lelani were at the brink of blows after a glare became too long. Tayla misinterpreted as a challenge and threw Lelani some harsh words. So, to avoid escalating the current silence into an argument, this time destined not to be stopped by bystanders, Lelani played the passive role. Lelani continued to the bathroom, showered, and headed swiftly back to her room, in hopes not to run into Tayla for a second time.

After dressing and gathering up the books she would need for the day, Lelani proceeded downstairs to her car. Within a few minutes, she arrived at the School of Business building. She sat in her classes with constant interruptions from the other things going on in her mind. By noon, she was finished for the day.

Lunch in the student union didn’t seem interesting. Lelani knew it would be the same two groups, students who based their lives around school, or professors discussing each others research endeavors. So she decided to do something she didn’t usually do, have lunch at one of the popular restaurants frequented by other college students. She knew she was taking a risk, the risk of running into trouble, but Lelani grew bored of doing what she knew was best, staying far from others who could potentially cause her to lose focus.

When she arrived at the eatery, there were groups of all different types of students. The nerds sat at the tables with several books open scattered about. The frat boys and sorority girls piled themselves on top of one another resembling the “popular” tables of an upper-middle class high schools where everyone was matched up with a significant other. The “bohemian” students sat at an open patio smoking cigarettes and discussing the latest political issues. Lelani looked around and thought to herself about which group she fit into.

After a moment of unsuccessful contemplation, Lelani proceeded to the counter to purchase a meal. She settled on a club sandwich, bag of tortilla chips, and an iced tea, something not overly unhealthy as to stick to her “new diet.” She found a seat near the door, as she didn’t want to be noticed heavily by the other groups. Unfortunately, her efforts were short lived.

“Hello, again, cutie.”

Without looking up from her lunch, Lelani politely dismissed the voice as being just in her imagination. The stranger spoke again, awaking Lelani from the daydream.

“You’re Lelani, right?”

This time, Lelani took her time to observe the gentlemen, beginning her exploration at his shoes. He wore a clean, fresh pair of white sneakers, neatly pressed khakis, and a brown and white collared polo shirt. When she finally reached his face, she nearly choked on what she was chewing. It was Neo from the club two weeks earlier. The only difference in his appearance now, than from the club, was that he was much more attractive.

“I apologize. I was somewhere else.”

“Must have been a good place. I saw you come in. But I guess you didn‘t see me.”

“I wasn’t looking. Are you eating?”

“Just finished. You meeting someone?”

“No. I’m just having lunch by myself, as always.”

“Can I join you?”

“I thought you said you were done?”

“I am but I still would like to talk with you. If that’s ok?”


Neo sat down in the chair across from Lelani. They spent the next hour and a half talking. Lelani grew infatuated with Neo, not only as a person but as someone she could potentially date. Neo mutually thought that Lelani was an intriguing young lady; one who could grace the pages of his wedding album.

Neo and Lelani made plans with each other for the evening hours. Neo suggested that they catch a movie. Lelani declined, as she thought that this meant that she would have to admit that she had made plans for an actual date. And a date was something that she wanted to steer far away from. She longed to spend more time with Neo but contemplated on the fact that spending more time with him would cause a conflict at her “trouble-free” semester.

Neo pursued the issue of seeing Lelani that evening. He appreciated the fact that Lelani had taken the time to even carry this conversation with him and he didn’t want their connection to end there. After she rejected his invitation to the movies, he amended it and asked if she wanted to come over and help him plan his son’s upcoming birthday party.

“Son? You have a son?”

“Yeah. He’s three. He’ll be four next week and I told his mother that I would throw the party this year.”

“Oh. Well, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I don’t have any kids.”

“No nieces or nephews either?”

“Not that I know about. Sorry.”

“Well, good then we’ll both be lost together. So are you up for it?”

“Sure, but lets make this clear. It’s not a date, ok?”

“Nope. Just two people planning a party.”

“Sure. Let me get your number so I can call you later and get directions."


Lelani took his number and put it in the phonebook in her mobile phone. She finished her lunch and they went their separate ways. Lelani left the eatery not knowing what was in store for her that night. She didn’t want anything to get out of control and definitely didn’t need anything to start making waves in her life of calm waters. She headed back to her dorm room, still contemplating if she would even call Neo later.

It was six o’clock. After having lunch with Neo, Lelani held up in her room sleeping. She awoke to a loud knock at her door. She pushed herself up and walked across the small room to answer it. She grabbed the knob and flung the door open. On the doorway stood Mykell, holding a large pizza and a two-liter of soda. Mykell pushed her way into the room past Lelani.

Oblivious to why Mykell was there, Lelani spun around and threw a questionable look at Mykell. Mykell saw the ugly look and knew Lelani was confused. Before Lelani could go through her routine of 20 questions, Mykell began explaining for her unannounced visit.

“Look, I know I should have called first but I thought you’d be up here doing nothing so I brought pizza so we could talk.”

“Thanks but I have something else to do.”

“What else could you have to do?”

“I have plans, thank you.”

“Plans? No we don’t.”

“Not us. Me and someone else.”

“Who? Do I know him?”

“Why does it have to be a him?”

Because you don’t hang out with any other chicks but me. Now who is he?”

“Damn, is it that obvious?”

“Yes. Now who is he?”

“Neo. You know the dude from Masquerade a couple weeks ago.”

“What! Lelani’s got a date!”

“It’s NOT a date! Just a friendly get- together.”

“Ok, whatever. So what are you going to be doing on this “not a date” get-together?”

“Planning a birthday party.”

“For me?! Oh how sweet! Thank you, girl. I didn’t even think you would remember my birthday.”

“Umm, yeah. I tried to keep it a secret but you caught me!”

“Ok. I want strippers, alright. I didn’t get anything real for my 21st birthday, so I want my 22nd to be nasty.”

“Maybe. I want the rest to be a surprise. Try not to think about it ok. And you have to act surprised, too.”

“Come on now. Hello? Theatre major.”

Mykell had no idea that the initial plans had not pertained to her at all. Ashamed, Lelani projected a fake smile and laugh. How could she had forgotten her closest friend’s birthday and then lie to her about planning a birthday party in her honor. Lelani figured she would, now, have to give Mykell the party she expected. But how? She didn’t have the money to throw Mykell’s birthday bash.

What made her even more worried was not the idea that Mykell expected a party but she insisted on helping Lelani get ready for her evening with Neo. Mykell had already begun looking through Lelani’s closet, searching for the right outfit. With a slice of pizza in one hand and a blue top in the other, Mykell turn to Lelani and sized the shirt up to her.

After 45 minutes of pulling clothes out, trying different outfits on and several attempts by Mykell to hike Lelani’s mini skirts up to almost nothing, Lelani finally was ready. Her final outfit consisted of a pair of khaki crop pants, a black shirt with the phrase “Big Things Come In Small Packages” written across the front, and some black and tan sneakers. Mykell smiled in approval. She packed up what was left of the pizza and headed back to her own apartment.

Lelani felt her stomach rumble as she picked up the phone to call Neo. She scrolled through the phonebook and found his name. After staring at it for a moment or two, she final got up the nerve and mashed the send key. The phone rang twice before a little boy’s voice answered. Lelani courteously asked for Neo then heard the phone drop and the little boy scream “Daddy!”. A few seconds passed before Neo picked up the phone.

“Hello? Neo speaking.”

“Hey, Neo, it’s Lelani.”

“I was wondering when you were going to call. So you ready to come by?”

Lelani apologized for not calling sooner. Neo assured her that he didn’t mind. He gave her directions to his apartment. Lelani hung up the phone and made the ten minute drive to his place. She pulled up next to a nice SUV parked in front. She assumed it must have been his, although the car parked on the opposite side of her wasn’t bad looking either.

As Lelani approached the door, she overheard an argument coming from within the apartment. The woman sounded upset and kept demanding money. Just as she lifted her arm to knock, the door flew open and before her stood a beautiful Spanish-looking girl. The look in her eyes projected hostility towards Lelani.

“And who are you, bitch?”

“Excuse me?”

“Who are you? And why are you here?”

“I must have the wrong apartment. I was looking for apartment three.”

“Lelani. Sorry about this. Rosaria was just leaving. Camden, hurry up. Mommy’s leaving you.”

“Neo, please don’t fucking forget. You know this is fucked up.”

“We’ll talk about this later, Rosaria. Bye. Papi loves you, Camden. See you next week, ok?”

Neo knelt down and gave Camden a long hug and kiss. Rosaria grabbed the little boy by the arm and nearly dragged him to the SUV. Neo apologized again for his ex’s attitude and invited Lelani inside.

His apartment’s décor was fabulous. A cream leather couch and loveseat set, glass dinette set, and a 64-inch television. Lelani was astonished at how neatly decorated Neo’s place was. It was like he had hired a professional. A bright smile ran across her face at the thought that she could be walking into something great.

Neo sat down on the couch and offered Lelani a seat. She sat down and placed her purse next to her feet on the floor. Neo quickly glared down at her bag.

“You know, they say it’s bad luck to put your purse on the floor.”

“Really? That’s probably were I go wrong. Thanks.”

“Just trying to keep the karma right.”

“Karma? You into all that shit?”

“My mom has dabbled in it and some of it rubbed off on me.”

“I can relate. My dad spoiled my mom and I intend to be just as spoiled when I get married.”

“Oh, really?”

Neo offered Lelani a drink. She declined. She wasn’t comfortable yet. Her eyes continued to wonder around the room. She noticed a few plaques on the wall, several basketball trophies, and what she assumed to be family photos decorating a glass shelving unit. Lelani curiously rose and walked over to the shelves and began admiring Neo’s accomplishments.

There were a few first place trophies from the late 90’s and pictures of Neo and Camden, some that looked recent, others from when Camden was a baby. She moved on to the wall next to the unit and scrutinized the plaques hung in a diamond. One commemorated Neo’s high school graduation, another his college graduation with a degree in physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment. The last two were Neo’s state certification and a membership to the society of sports medicine.

Lelani was impressed. Neo was successful and very accomplished. She knew now how he could afford to live in this nice apartment, have the wonderful furniture and look so good. Damn! What else could she ask for. Her attention shifted back to Neo sitting on the couch.

“So you’re a physical therapist?”

“Well, something like that. I’m a trainer for the Miami Heat.”

“Wow, really? I love the Heat. One day I’ll make it to one of their games.”

“I can get you tickets if you like.”

“What?!? That would make my day…no year!”

A bright smile ran across Lelani’s face. She could tell that Neo was a genuine person and was offering his best attitude towards life and the future. More thoughts of the future ran through her mind as she continued to admire his apartment. Unnoticing, the room grew silent. She snapped out of her daydreaming and turned back towards Neo.

“So are we going to start this planning?”

“Sure. But I have to be honest that’s not the real reason I invited you over.”

“Then why did you?”

“I just wanted to spend more time with you. I’m starting to dig you.”

“I told you that I can’t get involved with anyone right now. I‘m trying to focus on my education. Besides, you have a girlfriend.”

“Who Rosaria? She’s not my lady. That’s just my baby’s momma. We haven’t been together for almost a year.”

“So why did she have an attitude with me tonight?”

“Jealousy. She’s very bitter over the break up. And she hates to see me with anyone else.”

“But we’re not together.”

“She doesn’t know that. She just assumes that we are since you came over here.”

“Wow. She really needs to get it together..”

“That’s what I told her”

Neo and Lelani continued to carry conversation, not making an attempt to start on what they initially planned to discuss. They talked about everything. Lelani explained what happened in her first two years of college back home and why she was so adamant about not getting in a relationship. Neo painted a beautiful picture of where he wanted to be in the next five years. Both took interest in one another. They shared a few laughs and chatted about sports, particularly basketball, over Chinese take-out.

After a few hours had past, Lelani realized the time. It was getting late and she knew that she had to begin the next day early. Against her urges to stay, she gathered up her things and prepared to leave.

“Why are you leaving so soon?”

“Yeah. I have a lot to do tomorrow and I have to get up early.”

“Oh ok. Can we do this again? You know we never did get the chance to plan the party.”

“Sure. How about Friday night.”

“Alright, it’s a date.”

“No date, just getting together to plan, okay?”

“Wow, you sure are persistent about not “dating."

“What difference does it make? Ya know, don’t answer that. Friday?”

“Friday it is.”

Lelani rose from the couch and started towards the door. Neo followed behind her. As he reached around her waist to unlock and open the door, he slightly brushed his arm against her breast. The touch made her nipple stand, sending an erotic chill rippling through her body. Lelani took a deep breath to push back a moan that approached her lips.

Neo stood in the doorway face to face with Lelani. He looked down the few inches into her face. Her light brown eyes glistened, her cheekbones blushed beautifully, and her lips were shiny and plump. He smiled and ran his hand up her arm to her shoulder.

Lelani gazed at Neo’s towering body. It was strong but not overbearing. His cologne made her quiver with desire. She resisted the intense yearning to pull his body closer to hers, because she knew that it would only lead to something deeper. She looked up to meet his eyes.

She saw the smile on his face and felt his soft touch on her shoulder. He leaned in to give her kiss. Lelani took a step back to avoid feeling the lip contact. Neo stepped forward and advanced again. This time pushing her body against the door so she couldn’t escape. He took her bottom lip into his mouth and gently suckled it. Lelani felt paralyzed by his kiss. She got weak in the knees and virtually collapsed into his arms.

Neo caught her body and held it tightly while he proceeded to massage her tongue with his. He knew that she tried to withstand his charm but his force was entirely to powerful for her to continue. Lelani wrapped her arms around his masculine body. She ran her hands up his back and squeezed his shoulders. Neo moved his hands from her shoulders, down her waist, around to her booty, cupping it with both palms.

The heat rose between their bodies and the blood raced through their veins. Although she was enjoying the moment, Lelani knew that it had to end there. She pulled back from the kiss and pushed Neo’s body away.

“I can’t do this. I mean I want to but I can’t.”

“Why? I can tell you want to.”

“I’ve explained that already. Please…I…I…”

“You what? I know what you said before but can you honestly say you can still resist the temptation to pursue this?”

“I have to.”

Neo stepped back and gave Lelani space. He didn’t want to push the issue any further. Lelani took the space and exited out the door. She turned to say good-bye and walked out to her car. As she drove home, the kiss continually ran through her mind. She heard Neo’s voice echoing in her head.

She arrived at her dorm and collapsed on the bed. Without even undressing, she rolled over, hugged her pillow and closed her eyes. She waited an hour for the sleep to come over her body, but without any luck. She got up, frustrated, and grabbed her shower caddie and towel. A cold shower to calm her nerves and beat down the craving for sexual satisfaction would help her get to sleep faster…she hoped.